Design, realisation, installation and maintenance of plating lines, plating special equipment and cleaning lines.

Galvo Service Nederland was born from the idea of two entrepreneurs, one Italian and one Dutch, who saw the perfect opportunity to work together combining their strengths: Galvo Service Srl giving the solidity and the clear-cut working habits that only a successful company can have, while the Dutch partner putting the knowledge of the market and the personal strong expertise.

The company works in perfect symbiosis with Galvo Service Srl, as the whole production phase, starting from the raw materials and getting to the turnkey line, is realised in the workshop in Padua, Italy. Galvo Service Nederland oversees the design and manages the project in its whole, assuring that all the requests and issues of the client can be solved thoroughly.

This deep connection gives the company a very international structure, flexible for the needs you can have in every country of the world.                                         

Mission and vision

We believe that even in a globalised world that moves fast and far away, the most important thing is keeping close and listening to each other.

That's why we assist you right from the start, helping you decide what exactly do you need and tailoring the perfect solution for you. The production is then done all in-house, so that we can assure you our very high quality standards.

Our company
always up-to-date


Galvo Service decided over the years to undertake a strategy that valorizes its production activities by certifying the competences of its plastic material processing specialized technicians. This certification activity is operated by the international organization DVS Zert and occurs yearly allowing us to guarantee the production of lines which are in compliance with the highest safety standards.

Made in italy

The Company's knowledge and competences are very important for Galvo Service Srl and Galvo Service Nederland BV and represent a value that must be protected and utilized. That is why the production of the lines takes place in Italy, at the main workshop in the industrial area of Padua

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